Sri Sri Bramha Baibarta Puran


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  • Author: Akshay Library
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  • Language: Bengali

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What is Brahmabaibarta Puran?

The Brahmabaibarta Purana (also spelled as Brahmavaivarta Purana) is one of the 18 major Puranas of Hinduism. It is dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna, and primarily focuses on the interactions between Krishna and his devotee, Radha.

The Brahmabaibarta Purana is believed to have been composed in the 10th-11th century CE, and is considered one of the later Puranas. It consists of four parts or khandas, known as Brahma, Prakriti, Ganapati, and Krishna Janma. The text includes stories and teachings related to the creation of the universe, the lives of various gods and goddesses, and the principles of devotion to Krishna.

One of the unique aspects of the Brahmabaibarta Purana is its emphasis on the worship of Krishna as the supreme deity, rather than the worship of a pantheon of gods and goddesses. The text also highlights the importance of devotion and service to Krishna as a means of attaining liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

How old is Brahmabaibarta Puran?

The exact age of the Brahmabaibarta Purana is uncertain, but it is believed to have been composed in the medieval period of Indian history, likely between the 10th and 16th centuries CE.

The Puranas were typically passed down orally for centuries before they were written down, and different scholars and sages may have contributed to their composition over time. As a result, it can be difficult to determine an exact date of composition for these texts.

However, based on the content and language used in the Brahmabaibarta Purana, scholars generally place its composition in the later part of the Puranic period, after the composition of the more ancient Puranas like the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata Purana.

Overall, while the exact age of the Brahmabaibarta Purana is uncertain, it is generally believed to be several centuries old.

Is Brahmabaibarta Puran Authentic?

The authenticity of the Brahmabaibarta Purana, like many ancient texts, is a matter of debate among scholars and practitioners.

On one hand, the Puranas are considered to be important sources of knowledge about Hinduism and its traditions, and they are highly respected by many Hindus. The Brahmabaibarta Purana is one of the 18 major Puranas, and its teachings and stories have been studied and practiced by Hindus for centuries.

On the other hand, there are questions about the historical accuracy and authenticity of the Puranas, as they were passed down orally for centuries before they were written down, and different versions of the same Purana can vary significantly. Some scholars also question the accuracy of the stories and teachings in the Puranas, as they often contain mythical or legendary elements that are difficult to verify.

Ultimately, whether or not the Brahmabaibarta Purana is considered authentic depends on one’s personal beliefs and perspective. For many Hindus, the Puranas are seen as sacred and authentic sources of knowledge, while others may approach them with a more critical or skeptical viewpoint.


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