A Master of Tense | M K Sen


  • Type: Book
  • Genre: English Grammar Books
  • Author: M K Sen
  • Publisher: Kalimata Book Stall
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Book Edition: Softcover
  • Language: Anglo-Bengali
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Why Tense is important in English Grammar?

Tense is an important aspect of English grammar because it allows us to indicate the time at which an action or event takes place. By using different tenses, we can show whether an action or event has already occurred, is currently happening, or will happen in the future. This is crucial for effective communication as it helps to clarify the timeline of events.

For example, consider the following sentences:

  • “I went to the store yesterday.” (past tense)
  • “I am going to the store right now.” (present continuous tense)
  • “I will go to the store tomorrow.” (future tense)

Each sentence conveys a different time frame for the action of going to the store. Without tenses, it would be difficult to distinguish between different time periods and understand the sequence of events.

Furthermore, using the appropriate tense can help to convey the speaker’s attitude or intention towards an event. For instance, the use of the present perfect tense can indicate that an action occurred in the past but has a relevance to the present moment, while the use of the past continuous tense can indicate an ongoing action in the past.

Overall, tense is a fundamental part of English grammar that allows us to express time and convey meaning more accurately and effectively in communication.