Adarsha Shraddha Kanda Paddhati | Sri Ashok Kumar Bandyopadhyay


  • Type: Book
  • Genre: Spiritual Books
  • Author: Sri Ashok Kumar Bandyopadhyay
  • Publisher: Sadesh
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Book Edition: Hardcover
  • Language: Bengali

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About Shraddha in Hinduism

Hindu Shraddha is a ritual of paying homage to one’s ancestors in Hinduism. It is an important ceremony that is performed to honor and remember the departed souls of one’s family members. The word ‘Shraddha’ means faith or devotion, and it is believed that by performing this ritual, one can express their love and gratitude towards their ancestors.

The Hindu Shraddha ceremony is usually performed on the death anniversary of a family member, or during the Pitru Paksha, which is a 16-day period in the Hindu calendar when ancestors are believed to visit their descendants. During this ceremony, offerings of food, water, and other items are made to the departed souls, and prayers are recited in their memory.

The Hindu Shraddha ceremony is seen as a way to seek the blessings of one’s ancestors and to ensure their well-being in the afterlife. It is also believed that by performing this ritual, one can receive the blessings of their ancestors and be freed from any negative karma or sins that may have been committed in the past.


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