Natun Purnachandra Panjika O Directory


  • Type: Book
  • Genre: Spiritual Books
  • Author: Purnachandra Sil
  • Publisher: Ruplekha
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Book Edition: Softcover
  • Language: Bengali
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Purnachandra Panjika is a popular almanac or calendar used in the Indian state of West Bengal, primarily by Bengali Hindus. It is also known as the “Bangla Panjika” and is widely used for religious and astrological purposes.

The P C Sil’s Panjika provides important information such as the dates of various Hindu festivals, auspicious and inauspicious times for different events, and astrological predictions. It also includes information about lunar and solar eclipses, planetary positions, and other astronomical events.

The Purnachandra Panjika is published annually, usually before the start of the Bengali New Year. It has been in publication for over 150 years and is considered an important cultural and religious tradition in West Bengal.