Saptakanda Krittibasi Ramayana


  1. Type: Book
  2. Genre: Spiritual Books
  3. Author: Krittibas Pandit
  4. Publisher: Akshay Library
  5. ISBN: N/A
  6. Book Edition: Hardcover
  7. Language: Bengali

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About Krittibasi Ramayana

Krittibasi Ramayana is a famous version of the Hindu epic Ramayana, written in the Bengali language by the poet Krittibas Ojha. It is one of the most popular retellings of the Ramayana in Bengali literature.

Krittibasi Ramayana is known for its distinct style and regional variations compared to other versions of the Ramayana. It was composed in the 15th century and has since become an integral part of Bengali literary and cultural traditions.

The story of Krittibasi Ramayana follows the narrative of the original Valmiki Ramayana but incorporates local flavors, customs, and linguistic nuances specific to the Bengali region. It is highly regarded for its poetic beauty, lyrical language, and emotive portrayals of the characters and their relationships.

Krittibasi Ramayana has had a significant influence on Bengali literature, performing arts, and religious practices. It continues to be recited, studied, and celebrated in various forms, including dramatic performances, musical renditions, and literary adaptations.

Overall, Krittibasi Ramayana is a cherished literary work that showcases the creativity, cultural richness, and devotion of Bengali society through its unique retelling of the epic story of Lord Rama.