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  • Type: Book
  • Genre: Spiritual Books
  • Author: Bhaktadas
  • Publisher: Akshay Library
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  • Book Edition: Hardcover
  • Language: Bengali

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About Garuda Purana

The Garuda Purana is one of the eighteen Mahapuranas, a genre of ancient Indian scriptures that contain mythological and philosophical teachings. It is named after Garuda, the mythical bird-like creature and mount of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. The Garuda Purana is primarily dedicated to the dialogues between Lord Vishnu and Garuda.

The Garuda Purana is believed to have been composed between the 8th and 10th centuries CE, although it underwent revisions and additions over time. It is written in Sanskrit and consists of about 19,000 verses, divided into two parts. The first part, known as the Purva Khanda or the Karma Khanda, primarily deals with rituals, ceremonies, and ethical conduct. It provides guidance on various aspects of life, including birth, marriage, death, and the afterlife.

The second part, called the Uttara Khanda or the Moksha Khanda, focuses on liberation (moksha) and the journey of the soul after death. It describes the experiences of the soul in different realms of existence, known as the Patala, Svarga, and Naraka. The Garuda Purana discusses in detail the process of death, funeral rites, the fate of the soul after death, and the concept of reincarnation.

One of the notable sections of the Garuda Purana is the “Preta Kanda,” which describes the rituals and ceremonies performed for the deceased. It provides instructions on how to conduct proper funeral rites, including cremation, offerings to ancestors, and the pacification of the soul. It also describes the consequences of various actions and sins committed during one’s lifetime and the corresponding punishments in the afterlife.

Additionally, the Garuda Purana contains teachings on dharma (righteousness), karma (action and its consequences), astrology, medicine, and cosmology. It addresses topics such as astrology, gemology, omens, and the effects of planetary positions on human life.

The Garuda Purana holds significant religious and cultural importance in Hinduism. It is often consulted by priests and scholars for guidance on rituals and spiritual practices related to death and the afterlife. Devotees believe that reading or hearing the Garuda Purana can bring spiritual merit and provide insights into the nature of existence and the path to liberation.

It’s important to note that while the Garuda Purana offers insights into Hindu beliefs and traditions, its teachings and descriptions of the afterlife should be understood within the context of religious mythology and not taken as literal or scientific explanations.