Michael Madhusudan Jiban O Sahitya


  • Type: Book
  • Genre: Biography and Auto Biography
  • Author: Prithviraj Sen
  • Book Edition: Paperback
  • Language: Bengali

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Biography of Michael Madhusudan Dutta

Michael Madhusudan Dutta was a renowned Bengali poet, playwright, and novelist who is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern Bengali literature. He was born on January 25, 1824, in Sagardari village in Jessore district, now in Bangladesh. He belonged to a family of Zamindars (landowners) and was the only son of his parents.

Dutta received his primary education in Bengali and Persian from his family’s private tutors. Later, he was sent to Kolkata to pursue his higher education, where he learned English and Sanskrit. He enrolled in Hindu College, where he came into contact with prominent intellectuals and reformers of his time.

Dutta started his literary career as a poet, and his early works were heavily influenced by traditional Indian poetry. He wrote in various genres, including sonnets, odes, ballads, and epics. However, his magnum opus was the Bengali epic, ‘Meghnad Badh Kavya,’ which he wrote in 1861. The epic, which is based on the story of the Ramayana from the perspective of Ravana’s son Meghnad, is considered a landmark in Bengali literature.

Apart from poetry, Dutta also wrote several plays and novels. His play ‘Sharmishtha’ is considered to be the first modern Bengali play, and his novel ‘Birangana Kabya’ is a fictional account of the plight of women during the 1857 Indian Mutiny.

Dutta’s literary works were characterized by their boldness and innovation, which often went against the established literary norms of his time. He was also a social reformer and used his works to raise awareness about various social issues, including the status of women and the plight of the lower castes.

Despite his immense contributions to Bengali literature, Dutta’s personal life was marred by tragedy and financial difficulties. He died on June 29, 1873, in Kolkata, at the age of 49, leaving behind a rich legacy of literary works that continue to inspire and influence generations of Bengali writers.


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